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Research Projects

The EU-wide integrated PhD training program of GAP, which embeds academic and non-academic (involved in the clinical and biotechnology field) beneficiaries as PhD supervisors and training leaders, will serve as an unprecedented platform that is substantially different from the local standard PhD programs provided by each beneficiary. Through a highly multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral training, providing access to the knowledge and input of a decidedly competent academic and clinical network, this unique program will prepare the currently missing profile of researchers  required to soundly establish the early-stage accurate, precise detection and mini-invasive treatment of bone fractures as a regular clinical practice in EU. GAP DCs will have an undeniable role in expanding bone fracture comprehension, prevention and treatment innovation within the EU.

Every DCs training program is designed to have a balanced contribution of hard scientific/technical skills and soft transferable skills, to gain an all-round education exploitable for future competitive career paths. 

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